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Cass County dog hitches a ride to Las Vegas

Posted at 8:31 AM, May 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-02 09:31:11-04

One Cass County dog is back home in Nebraska resting after a wild adventure.  But, as his owner tells AM Anchor Emily Szink, he fears his Saint Bernard, Mastiff Mix may try to take another vacation. 

Ryan Brady says his family rescued their dog Nigel four years ago.  Since then, he has runaway his fair share of times.  Last year, the dog they call Houdini found a spot he is fond of. 

"He is no dummy.  He wants more donuts, so he goes right back to the Cubby's if he gets a chance," said Ryan Brady. 

When Nigel gets out, he heads towards a Greenwood Gas Station in hopes of snagging more sweets. 

Brady, a police officer, is usually hot on his dog's heels and picks him up before he gets there, but not this time. 

"So he bought some dog food and a leash and I guess they took off," said Brady. 

As the story goes, that night Nigel was picked up by a trucker passing through. 

"Where in the world is Nigel," said Brady. 

It was anyone's guess and the question became the title of a Facebook page that quickly took off.  

"We are just these country people from small town Nebraska, we lose our dog and then all of the sudden people from all over the country want to help us find him," said Brady. 

But days, then weeks passed, still no signs of Nigel.  So, a phone call two and a half weeks after he ran away came as a complete shock. 

"They said hey, we just scanned a microchip that was in a dog brought to us for licensing.  Are you missing your dog," said Brady. 

Brady says Nigel made his way to Sin City.  There the trucker gave him to a family. 

"It is almost like it was my dog's idea to go to Vegas," said Brady. 

But, in this case what happens in Vegas didn't stay there.  Brady hopped on a plane, picked Nigel up at the Sun City Animal Hospital and then drove 1200 miles straight through back to Nebraska. 

To say Brady's wife and kids are relieved to have Nigel back is an understatement.  But, Brady fears this may not be Nigel's only vacation.

"I think he would go.  He likes the adventure and the promise of donuts.  He is probably looking for truckers now, like lets try Miami," said Brady.  

Brady's last minute flight was paid for by Big Red Rescue.  That is where they adopted Nigel from.  He is encouraging everyone to donate to the organization that made the reunion possible.  Here is a link to donate