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CB thefts caught on camera

Posted at 5:31 PM, Oct 07, 2019

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (KMTV) -- — Thefts caught on camera. Some Council Bluffs families need your help catching the thieves.

Sunday morning, a man on a bicycle came into yard and stole a 6-year-old boy’s bike without batting an eye near 34th St. north of W. Broadway. The suspect rode away pushing the bike right next to his. The boy’s mother said they forgot to lock it up, but surveillance video caught a clear picture of the suspect.

“He's asked me, ‘mom why would someone steal my bike?’ You're trying to explain to him some people just do that while at the same time to teach him to be kind and treat people with respect so it's kind of hard trying to explain that to him,” said Miranda Klausner, the boy’s mother.

Bike thefts like these are showing up all over social media.

Police say make sure they're secured and take a photo of the serial number because they do recover a lot of stolen bikes.

Overnight into Monday, Erica Parker says a large inflatable Halloween cat was stolen from their porch south of W. Broadway. She says they're taking everything down so nothing else gets stolen. The criminals caught red handed. The decorations are a tradition so they can remember her father who died of cancer.

"Everything's not about candy, presents, and that kind of stuff. It's about making family memories and then you got people that come around and they take those memories from you," Parker explained.

If you have any information, contact Council Bluffs Crimestoppers at 712-328-7867.