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CBPD: 64 bicycles reported stolen since July

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Posted at 5:29 PM, Oct 15, 2019

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (KMTV) -- — Council Bluffs residents want to know what’s being done about kids and adult bikes being stolen around town.

Since July 1, there have been 64 bicycles reported stolen in Council Bluffs. The crimes are being caught on camera; overnight and in broad daylight. More may have been lifted and not reported. Some people are posting photos of stolen or found bikes on the CB Neighborhood Watch Facebook page for help.

Brian Intrieri says he was woken up overnight in August to a couple of thieves stealing his son's custom bike.

"It's always usually about right when school starts. So that seems when they come out when they're most vulnerable kids forget to lock them up. They're looking for the easy steal," Intrieri described.

About 80% of the thefts are concentrated in 4 areas. They’re happening around the Mid-America Center, near the casinos, at the public library, and north of 2nd Avenue from the river to about 15th Street.

Intrieri was able to track his son's bike down quickly, but knows others weren't so lucky. He says you can catch them on camera, but it hasn't slowed them down.

"If there's actually tickets given for this and it's run through the court systems these kids are going to not want to go through that hassle. Yeah it might be petty, but it adds up," Intrieri described.

Police suggest locking up your bicycles or putting them in a secure area. Also take photos of your bike, any identifying features, and the serial number usually stamped on the frame.