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CHI sane rooms helping sexual assault victims

Posted at 6:21 PM, Jul 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-26 19:21:46-04

A room designed to hep victims of sexual assault and domestic violence seek help.

"It has an interview area that's separate from the medical exam area just to offer the patient more comfort," said Jodi Hayes.

CHI has four Sane rooms like this, it's latest is under construction at CHI Health Midlands in Papillion.

"With an increase in patients that we are seeing, it was decided that we need to build specific rooms for our patients," said Hayes.

In 2016 Sane Supervisor Jodi Hayes says they treated 23 sexual assault/ domestic violence patients and that number continues to rise.

"In 2017 we saw 203 patients, so far in 2018, since the beginning of January, we've already seen 243 patients," said Hayes.

Women's Center for Advancement's Elizabeth Power says this care is what victims need.

"No one will bother them, no one will walk up and see them and all of a sudden know a very personal story about them," said Elizabeth Power.

During a patient's stay,  CHI teams up with a WCA professional to provide patients with emotional care.

"They literally and figuratively hold the hands of that patient in that moment that is scary and intrusive," said Power.

Under the privacy and treatment of a train medical professional.

"Knowing that you are not the only one that's been through a traumatic situation, and knowing that there's help out there makes you likely to come forward and share," said Hayes.

The new Sane room will open next Tuesday at CHI Health Midlands.

Health professionals say this new addition is just another way to reach the community in times of emotional turbulence.