Council Bluffs child bullied on school bus

Posted at 6:19 PM, Feb 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-03 14:08:35-05

A Council Bluffs family is outraged after two students wrote loser across their daughter's face while riding the school bus.

Her parents say the school has not done enough about it.

"I don't look at the pictures without crying, I was really upset."

Darryle Long says Tuesday his granddaughter Raeann Dabney was riding home from school when two white female students asked her to sit with them.

"They were sitting there talking and she noticed magic markers and she asked what are you going to do with that?”

“They said we are going to paint your face."

Long says the students used permanent marker to write on her face.

"They held her down and drew pictures on her face and wrote loser across her forehead."

He says he and Raeann's parents went up to the school but didn't get an apology from the principal or the student's parents.

"We were talking to the principal, he offered no apologies, he didn't want to label it bullying.

So I reached out to Titan Intermediate School's principal and he released a statement saying this

"I was informed of an incident that took place during the bus ride home on January 31st.

I met with the student and the family the morning of February 1st at which time they shared their information regarding the incident.

I conducted an investigation into the incident and have taken steps to discipline those involved.

I will continue to work with our student body to ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect."

Long says he feels Raeann was racially targeted.

"She's black they are white, why didn't they do it to a white kid."

Long says although he's unhappy with the situation Raeann will continue riding the bus but says he hopes racially driven bullying ends.

 "I wish the hate would stop."

Long says he still doesn’t know how the two students involved were punished but hopes it won’t happen again.