Child rescued from hot van

Posted at 5:15 PM, May 08, 2017

A neighbor came to the rescue of a child locked in a hot van near 19th and Wirt Monday morning.

Antoinette Jones says she thought she was hearing cats outside while walking her dog, but discovered it was a toddler locked in a van.

Jones says there's a daycare near her home where children are often dropped off.

She says she tried to rescue the two year old girl but was unable to, so she contacted police.

"I was trying to find the number to the family so somebody could respond because it was hot and she was crying so I was very concerned."


Omaha police confirm that police along with the Omaha Fire Department responded and forced their way into the van to rescue the child. We tried reaching out to the daycare provider but didn’t get an answer. Family members say the child is recovering fine.