Children learn safety in memory of Aspen Seemann

Posted at 5:23 PM, Dec 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-14 18:23:55-05

Children across the Omaha area will learn fire and water safety thanks to the Aspen and Alley project.

It was created in memory of a three year old who drowned this past summer at a lake in Waterloo.

Aspen Seeman's mother says the Aspen and Alley project is a way to use her son's death to teach other children lessons that may save lives.

Children learning fire and water safety at a young age is something Lisa Seemann says she hopes will prevent future tragedies from happening.

"It happened in a split second and basically we want to educate young children as early as possible," said Aspen Seemann’s mother Lisa Seeman.

Seemann's son Aspen was pulled out of a lake this past June and later died at the hospital.

Seemann says Omaha first responders allowed her more time with her son.

"We want to help the first responders and hospitals and medical centers around the Omaha community because we consider them Aspen's angels," Seemann said.

With a new robotic dog the Aspen and Alley project will help Omaha firefighters go from school to school teaching children about fire and water safety.

The kick off started at St Patrick's Catholic school.

Children learned how to escape a burning home and about the benefit of fire alarms.

"You're going to go to the door first, otherwise you're going to go out of the window, get out of the house and go to a meeting point," said student Nolan Going.

Seemann says they plan to hit every school across the area, and says she hopes her family's loss will prevent another one.

"We want to help other families that are dealing with tragedy, or personal illness in honor of Aspen's memory," Seemann said.

Aspen would have been four years old today.