Children may have started small school fire

Posted at 6:10 PM, Jun 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-01 19:10:30-04

Omaha fire investigators believe children might have started an afternoon fire at a school in Millard.

Investigators say a staff member actually saw children standing on the roof of the school, but when he walked over the kids ran off.

"When we got to the building we could see a light amount of smoke and we got initial reports that there were juveniles who had run from the scene prior to our arrival."

 Omaha firefighters say a staff member was outside at the time, spotted kids on the roof and called police.

 "As a school system its very disheartening for us to think some young people made really poor choices."

Millard School District spokesperson Rebecca Kleeman says luckily no one was in the building at the time and the fire caused minor damage.

"Small, very small fire on the roof of the structure, it didn't penetrate into the roof at all."

"Ultimately its summer time, kids want to have fun, but there are a lot better things for them to choose to do with their time."

 Kleeman says the district is thankful because the fire could have been much worse.

"The real blessing is that we didn't have any students or staff here and we just have minor damage."

 The actual cause of the fire remains under investigation.


 The Millard school district asks anyone with information to please come forward.