Children report suspicious man in Dundee

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) - Some alert children in Dundee saw something that made them uncomfortable and reported it. Tonight, we're learning, it's probably a good thing they did. 

Parents of children at St. Margaret Mary received a notification email from the school's principal about children who reported a man following them in an SUV this weekend. The reported license plate comes back to a convicted sex offender. 

According to the email, Principal Peggy Grennan said she received an email from a parent that said, "On Sunday around 1:45 there was a group of children walking home from A.B.'s (gas station on 50th & Underwood) that noticed a man was following them in an SUV.  As they walked, he kept showing up on successive streets on their route home.  At each street, he would stop and stare at the kids."

The children were able to get the make, model and license plate of the vehicle. They were reportedly spooked by the encounter and went to a home of someone they knew. 

The email stated the owner of the white, Chevy Blazer is a registered sex offender. 

3 News Now also ran the reported license plate number and found it does come back to a man who is on the Nebraska sex offender registry for a felony child enticement conviction in 2005 in Pottawattamie County. 3 New Now is not publishing the man's name or license plate since police have not confirmed they are investigating him for a crime, but we plan to follow up with authorities on this case. 

The principal commended the children who were able to report so many key details and asked parents to talk to their children about stranger danger. 

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