Children sleeping in the home's second story floor narrowly escape tornado

Posted at 6:46 PM, Jun 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-19 19:49:52-04
Chris Le says his wife and young children were home at the time that strong winds ripped apart the second story of their home.
He says his three year and four year old were sleeping upstairs when the sirens went off. His wife and brother-in-law grabbed the kids at the last minute and headed downstairs, barely making it into the basement, seconds before the upstairs was demolished. 
"She started seeing the fence flying across the yard so right then she took the kids and ran downstairs," said Le. "As soon as she got into the basement, the top of our house just went with it.  She was probably just seconds away from being taken away."
Chris Le says he was trapped in the Shadow Lake area during the storm's worst when he got the stomaching dropping news from his wife at home. 
"I got a text that said half our house is gone and half of our house is flying away with it. And I thought she was kidding and trying to make it so I would get home faster," said Le. "So, I was like ok don't worry - and then she was like 'no, I'm not kidding the house is gone.'" 
The Le's have another baby on the way and were planning on setting up a nursery instead they're facing the prospect of rebuilding a home from scratch.
The Le's say a neighboring family welcomed them into their home Friday night for shelter and food. Neighbors describe the community as a small calvary banding together in this time of crisis. 
"I've been in a tornado before passing over but not one like this. it's just a ton of cleanup but there's no loss of life so that's the good thing," said Steve Holdaway, neighbor.
The Le family stayed with a neighbor Friday night. They'll be staying in a motel until the next step are determined. 
"We're from California and we've never experienced a community like this and for someone to just accept us into their house without evening knowing us and all our dogs, it puts faith back into humanity," said Le. 
You can donate to the Le's Go Fund Me here