Children's celebrates service dog's birthday

Posted at 4:40 PM, Feb 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-24 18:21:30-05

Children's Hospital celebrates its dog, Sven’s birthday.

The dog turns two years old on Saturday but the golden retriever's impact on the kids he visits--means so much more.

Among the crowd Friday afternoon are Sven’s friends, kids wanting a share of his attention.

“I pet him,” said Sebastiano Fidone.

Children’s Hospital is one of a few hospitals in the nation to have a full-time service dog in the country.

“Sven has so many best friends here at the hospital, he is a hit wherever he goes, he just has a way of making people feel they are the only person in the room and person that matters,” said Britta Carr, Child Life Facility Dog Handler.

Several families celebrated with Sven, including the Fidone family. Sebastionao was diagnosed with Leukemia December of 2015 and Sven has been there by his side, literally.

“As his treatment goes on and he’s over in the infusion room getting chemo they got the dogs during chemo so he gets to see him too and that connection of this hospital all together,” said Melissa Fidone.

And with the Hunt family 6-year old Josianna has cancer and Sven is there to cheer her up.

“Even when she is feeling terrible, she cant keep food down, the chemo is making her sick, Sven comes and she perks right up,” said Josianna’s mother Amanda Hunt.

Sven joined Children's Hospital November of last year--he was trained in Atlanta, Georgia.

For Sven's birthday present, he got his own Instagram account. If you would like to follow him, it's @svenatchildrens.