Children's to double patients with future building

Posted at 6:50 PM, Dec 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-08 21:09:06-05
Children's hospital is changing the landscape of Omaha and pediatric medicine.
Thursday, they announced plans for a new $450 million, cutting edge pediatric facility.
Once built, Children's Hospital's newest building will attract as many as 1,700 jobs and allow the hospital to see twice the kids per year.
That’s 150,000 more patients. 
"I feel elated about it because this is the kind of thing I've done in my entire career is building health systems and enterprises like this,” Azizkhan said. “And to see this come to fruition in our community here is a great feeling." 
There has been such a demand for services, Children’s have been turning away patients to other states, said Dr. Azizkhan. 
"We're constrained and are often at capacity,” Azizkhan said. “Our growth projections make it very clear, to realize Children's mission in the future, we have to meet the needs of families right now." 
Part of the reason the hospital is so popular is because of the services it offers, Azizkhan said. 
With the number of jobs this project will create, and the growth in research, Mayor Jean Stothert says this is another groundbreaking opportunity for Omaha.
"We're so lucky in the city of Omaha that we have so much going on in the level of medical research, we're pioneers,” Stohert said. “We set an example all over the country."
Breaking ground with city and state officials Thursday, crews will start construction as soon as Friday.
"This is an incredible opportunity for us to expand the services that we provide at children's not just for Omaha, but really for the entire heartland," Azizkhan said. 
Children’s have had patients from all 50 states and several countries, Azizkhan said.
Once built, the Hubbard Center for Children will make the hospital reach further, he said.