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City approves Sunset Valley Golf Course re-zoning plan

Posted: 6:26 PM, Jan 09, 2018
Updated: 2018-01-10 14:21:13Z
City approves Sunset Valley re-zoning plan
City approves Sunset Valley re-zoning plan

After an almost two-hour discussion at City Hall, the City Council voted unanimously to approve re-zoning Sunset Valley Golf Course near 90th Street and West Center Road.

“So I intend on voting yes today,” Omaha City Councilman Chris Jerram said during today’s meeting. “But I think you can hear, applicants, that I have a number of questions that you would address, and you continue to meet with and be open to the neighbors.”

Developer NP Dodge hopes to put in 37 lots for homes and 210 apartments into at least four buildings .

Dozens of residents showed up to oppose the project because of potential traffic problems, issues with the flood plain, and worries that home valuations could be lowered.

“I think as one of my neighbors just said that they would vote no here, but they got up, and every single one of my arguments against the master plan amendment — they didn’t have a single rebuttal against them right,” said Henry Karpf, Sunset Hills resident. “They sold us $40 million evaluation. They said the homes are going to be worth 66 percent of what they sold it as in their evaluation, and their own application — $500,000 homes, that’s $750,000 of your homes right there gone. So that’s already a lie right there.”

In June, Sunset Valley Golf Club voted to liquidate and sell the property to NP Dodge . They will still have to meet 12 requirements before their final project can be approved.

A couple of those stipulations is that a traffic study is finalized on the impact to the neighborhood , and they make sure the flood plain won’t be impacted by the new homes, which could take a few months or longer.