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City Council aiming to solve fireworks disputes

Posted at 1:05 PM, Aug 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-07 14:05:47-04

The conversation is dragging as to what city council members will decide on when it comes to fireworks in Omaha. Coming up with a final answer to Mayor Jean Stothert's proposed dates and hours isn't easy, as council members can't come to an agreement.

Council members like Ben Gray expect to postpone the decision.

"What we have right now is not working," Gray said. "Banning it doesn't work. I'm not sure that reducing the days or hours is going to work either."

Gray also said it could be up to four weeks until there's a consensus among city council because proposals for selling fireworks is also up for tabling.

"I think we're kind of all over the page right now as to what we think ought to happen," Gray said. "Most of us are of the mind, I believe, that no matter what we pass, not much is going to change."

What could change could be the rewards to the non-profits. Fred Conley is with the North Omaha Foundations for Human Development, which sells fireworks during Independence Day. He believes there's no point in altering hours of selling because Omahans are also buying fireworks outside the city.

"If the goal is to eliminate all sound of fireworks, I just don't believe that's possible given that communities around the city are able to sell them also," Conley said.

As for those who don't care for all the noise--such as some veterans, like councilman Gray-- he says they may just have to find solutions around this problem.