City council approves gun range for Omaha Police

Posted at 6:40 PM, Mar 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-15 19:40:27-04

A unanimous vote from City Council will allow Omaha Police to build a $2.5 million dollar gun range at their training facility in North West Omaha.

Omaha Deputy City Attorney Bernard in den Bosch said they sat down with neighbors in the area who were not happy about the proposed gun range.

“I do appreciate their willingness to sit down with us, to talk through the issues  and come up with something we are all in agreement with,” said in den Bosch.

There were three highlighted issues brought up and compromised on, one being the noise level. The parties agreed to lower the decibel level as budget constricting as they could. Something the neighbors were pushing for.

“We pushed for 62 decibel level, mostly because everybody needs to recognize the difference between the two sounds of gunfire and traffic,” said Shawn Mellotz, who lives near the training facility.

The training facility will also only be used from 9 to 4 on weekdays and in the winter when weather allows.

The city will also have to provide a 90 day notice for any future adjustments within a two mile radius.

“I don't claimed everyone walks away happy, but they walk away in a manner that is tolerable,” said in den Bosch.

Mellotz said the new gun range will change the way of living for those who are out by the training facility.

“Those living in a half mile or closer will hear gun fire no matter how low you get the decibel level, the impact of a gunshot is extreme,” she said.

Now that the council has voted the next step is to take the new gun range plans before the planning board.