City crews remove hail from streets, inlets...

Posted at 5:24 PM, May 11, 2016

It was a wild night and early morning in Omaha with wind, rain and tons of hail pounding the area.

The City of Omaha Maintenance Engineer says it was a busy morning for crews taking on the unique weather event.

Overnight, marble to half dollar sized hail dumped on parts of the metro mostly in northwest Omaha.  Heavy winds and rain added to the situation.  About 1 ½ inches fell in most of Omaha, but the heaviest areas got 3 ½ inches.

Debris from trees and the hail clogged inlets causing flooding in neighborhoods near 114th & Fort Streets.  The city says they had a plow out pushing the hail, and 15-16 crews were cleaning inlets.

"It's very important because if the streets flood you have a six inch curb on the street and if it's flooding curb to curb you really don't want to drive a vehicle through that.  It becomes a dangerous situation or potentially damaging to your vehicle," said Austin Rowser, City of Omaha Maintenance Enginee.

High winds also tossed yard furnature, tree branches, and leaves around.

By early afternoon most of the inlets were cleared.  Rowser says the city received more reports of trees down around the metro in the afternoon.