City of La Vista approves new active shooter...

Posted at 6:29 PM, Mar 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-08 19:33:18-05

No one can predict when an active shooter will strike, but knowing what to do when one does is becoming necessary.

“Looking at what's going on around the world, happening around the world today, you have to have an ability to know what to do when the situation arises,” said La Vista Police Chief Bob Lausten.

The city just approved a police that will have every city employee go through active shooter training. 

“The civilian employees will be trained and will be given some guidance on what to do in case the ultimate happens,” said Chief Lausten. 

Schools already go through extensive training for what to do in active shooter situations, but Chief Lausten said they need everyone to have some type of training in these types of incidents.

“You have to put a plan together, and if you fail to train you are failing your people,” he said.

Allison Hanson works at the front of the police station; she is the first person to come in contact with anyone who walks in the building.

“There have been times where I look out and you never know who is going to walk in so it’s something that crosses your mind especially when you see things on the news that is happening in other places,” said Hanson.

She thinks the active shooter training is a great idea for every single employee “I think it will help us be prepared to know what to do if something like that does happen, you can all be on the same page and know where to go and what to do.”

Chief Lausten said when people have some type of training it helps them take out the threat and save lives, “here we can give you some guidance, maybe that is going to help us when it’s game on.”

The police department plans to train the city employees within the next month.