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City of Omaha issues plowing plans for Saturday storm

Posted: 12:47 PM, Feb 23, 2019
Updated: 2019-02-23 13:47:59-05
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OMAHA — The City of Omaha has issued a statement on plans for snow removal and street plowing during and after the snow storm that will be comingthrough the area Saturday afternoon and evening.

Below is the statement from the city:

Saturday 11:30am: A severe winter storm will impact Omaha this afternoon. We expect snowfall accumulation rates and winds to be in the extreme category for about 3-4 hours. Our focus during this intense period will be to keep major streets open and passable. There will be a slight delay in service to secondary streets to make sure we provide safe routes for emergency vehicles. Later this afternoon/early evening, we will start breaking off to some secondary routes. Operations on major and secondary roads will continue Sunday before we can start getting behind some of the contractors to spread salt in residential areas.

Please be patient. Our employees will keep up with accumulating snow as quickly as possible while remaining safe during blizzard conditions.

The contractors are scheduled to begin at midnight tonight, which is the time snow is expected to end. Plowing neighborhood streets may be slower than usual due to the heavy, wet snow. Spreading salt through neighborhoods will likely continue into Monday.

As we did earlier this week, we will be plowing to the center of the road on Dodge Street east of Happy Hollow, downtown and a few other locations. Once we have completed the plowing operation, we will haul away the snow, likely early next week.

We will provide updates on progress here and at [].