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City of Omaha Public Works Dept. ready and waiting to plow their way through weekend storm

Posted at 6:12 PM, Dec 31, 2021

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Heavy snowfall in previous years usually hits a bit earlier.

As the new year is upon us, the first snow storm is scheduled to hit the metro and it's predicted to be a big one.

"It's going to be multiple issues from the standpoint of quantity of snow, blowing winds, and also temperatures,” Bob Stubbe, Omaha director of public works, said. “We have crews that will be coming in at noon today and they will stay on 24 hour shifts until the event is over with. We anticipate that will be sometime on Monday."

City crews currently have 35,000 tons of salt available, with a variety of trucks being prepped to dispense as needed.

The plan is to have them on the streets before the storm so once it hits, they are there waiting and prepared.

Crews will not be brining the streets.

The city is preparing for potentially at three to five inches of snow that is expected to be a colder, dryer snow.

“If you have pavement temperatures that are in the low teens, the potential is that the brine may end up catching some of that snow and because it is so cold it is going to refreeze right away."

Staffing can affect their ability to salt quickly and efficiently so to make sure they have enough staff, the city will be using workers from other departments.

“We are very fortunate in public works that we have sewer division, construction, traffic and so we are able to take advantage of those other divisions to actually come in and work with us."

Crews will hit major roads and highways first, and clearing residential streets will be the secondary priority.

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