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Coach bus converted to 3-D mammography clinic to cruise Omaha this summer

Posted at 5:47 PM, May 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-09 09:19:24-04

Research shows 24 Nebraskans are diagnosed with breast cancer each week.

Doctors also say Nebraska is ranked 40th out of 50 states for breast health screenings. In an effort to save lives, Methodist Health System is unveiling its new breast cancer detector on wheels.

It's called 3-D Mobile Mammography Coach. Dr. Richard Kutilek, a radiologist, says the new technology will help more women.

"The benefits are increased detection rate," he said. "We find more cancers with 3-D. And also, we have less call-backs"

The bus is designed to look like a clinic. It will roll out mid- to late-summer to businesses in the area.

"We are the only 3-D mammography unit in the region and this will allow us to go out in the community, promote breast health, promote breast screening," Kutilek said. "And capture women that may otherwise not get screened. So we can bring the technology to them instead of them coming to us."

For women who want to use the technology there are pre-qualifying conditions, such as the length of time since the last mammogram.