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Cold temps sweep back into Omaha

Posted: 5:13 PM, Apr 02, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-02 22:33:00Z

Mother Nature is not letting up when it comes to cooler temperature. 

On April 2nd the temperatures didn't get above the 30s and that showed when Zorinsky Lake was like a ghost town. 

The benches and playgrounds were home to birds rather than people. 

Kimberly Sleeper is home for Easter Break from her college in Seward and braved the cold. She ran 9 miles training for the half marathon in Lincoln later this year. While Sleeper decided to run in the chilly temps, she's ready for warmer weather, "I'm not really enjoying it anymore I thought winter was over but you gotta do what you gotta do I guess because I don't like being inside that much so I had to come outside and just layered up a lot."

The gloomy weather and cooler temperatures didn't have many people in the mood for gardening, a Spring time tradition for many. At Mulhall's, they are ready for the warm temps as they had a dress rehearsal of sorts when it was nicer a couple weeks ago. 

"We saw people starting to come back in and it's a good reminder of how much we have to get ready," said General Manager of Mulhall's, Mick Mulhall. 

While it's been a long winter, Mulhall said it's actually been nice meeting new gardeners. In the meantime his staff is ready for the transition, "There's a lot of people that while they may be helping customers in three weeks today they are moving all the plants around to get ready for it."

Mulhall said his busiest weekend is Mother's Day and hopes Mother Nature doesn't bring in an unexpected Winter turn, again. 

"They'll be a lot more people here a month from now than there are today, that's for sure with weather like this."