Commitment Day Kicks Off New Year's Resolutions

Posted at 10:51 AM, Jan 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-02 11:51:50-05

New Year’s Day is the time many decide to make a change, learn something new, or hit the gym, but for Sunday’s Commitment Day 5K runners, it wasn’t about a resolution, but a commitment.

That’s especially true if you imagine running an outdoor 5K in January, in Nebraska.

“Last year was very, very cold.  We had snow and ice, but we lucked out today, I think,” recalled Nikki Kendall, race coordinator and trainer at Lifetime Fitness.

Sunday’s runners didn’t let the weather stop them from starting the New Year off right.

“I think it’s a symbol of what you want to do in the New Year.  Be healthy, you know, get out and do family activities...and enjoy 2017,” said runner Lisa Buescher.

The Commitment Day 5K is Lifetime Fitness’ way of moving beyond a New Year’s resolution, and into a committed healthier lifestyle.

“Great way to start the year, running with friends and being inspired by everybody else that’s here.  It’s something that gets you up in the morning and thinking ahead to 2017,” said runner Tawnya Roberts.

She ran with friends Michelle Vorpahl and Holly Hafer.  The trio plan to run one race a month this year.

While some veteran runners return every year, newcomer James Harvey is the true inspiration for those struggling with staying committed.  Harvey has been training since mid-November despite being legally blind.

“He just came with all this energy and this passion, and I was like, yeah, you should be pumped up for this,” said his trainer Konnor Oltman.

Harvey ran with Oltman and plans to complete the indoor triathlon at Lifetime on January 8th.

“You’re not holding anything back, right?” asked Oltman.

“I’m trying not to,” responded Harvey.

Kendall said that the 5K is helping people across the country get started on their goals for 2017, “It’s just kind of a good way to set the right tone.  Sixty percent of the population makes a new year’s resolution that’s health related so why not offer something to kick it off for them.”

Kendall also said that if you want to keep those New Year’s fitness resolutions, start small.  Don't overdo it, and focus on quality over quantity.