Committee delays decision on discipline for embattled Senator Bill Kintner

Posted at 2:44 PM, Aug 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-19 19:54:03-04

The executive committee delayed action for embattled Senator Bill Kintner.

At times that meeting even got heated as different members had varying opinions on how to go about this situation.

Most of the members agree this situation has to be dealt with this session.

“It's extremely rare that someone would take it to this extreme that someone would not resign when these kind of factors are weighed in,” said Executive Committee chairman Senator Bob Krist.

Frustration is setting in with senators trying to move on from this debacle, one absent member, the one they were all talking about Senator Bill Kintner.

“If I was the subject of this conversation I would have called up and say, I want to be here. I want to speak for myself--that just goes to character,” said Krist.

The board weighed options on how to handle Senator Kintner-they could censure him essentially taking away his parking spot, laptop, staff and office or more extremes like impeach him.

Speaker Galen Hadley says if Kintner doesn’t resign, a special session should be called.

This is not something I think we need to kick over to next year to deal with it next year with a new legislature.

Gretna Senator John Murante said the legislature should wait and have due-process before moving on- since the senator isn’t there to speak for himself.

“If we are going to tear down the institution of this legislature to get at Bill Kintner then we better be willing and able to stay upright with the winds that will blow because of it,” said Murante.

One of the more vocal senators against Kintner is Senator Ernie Chambers.

“I cannot sit back and watch this body do something which casts a negative reflection on the legislature as an institution,” said Chambers.

If Kintner is still in the legislature next session, Chambers threatens to call him out, “I'm writing rhymes I’m drawing cartoons.”

And do what he’s known to do-filibuster.

“As times goes on and they see that I’m not going to be worn out and they are running out of time to get the bills that they want out I’ll say this is you all doing you refused as a legislature to cleanse this body,” said Chambers.

Many members of the executive board said they still need more time to access the situation and even have possibility Senator Bill Kintner speak for himself that meeting will be held on Monday August 29th at 10:30am.