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Community celebrates Camisha Hollis birthday

Posted at 10:35 PM, May 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-21 13:35:15-04

Although they have yet to find Camisha Hollis, her family says they will celebrate her birthday, while keeping the faith that she will be brought home soon.

Camisha Hollis may not be here physically, but family and friends say she was definitely there in spirit.

"Camisha is going to show up no matter how she shows up, she is going to show up," said Martha Hollis.

Those close to Camisha are coming together this week for her birthday.

"Camisha will be 35 years old tomorrow, and so we have family and friends out here celebrating," said Hollis.

It's a birthday celebration to show the family the community has not given up on them.

"It's her birthday and she deserves that, and her children deserve that, and we deserve to keep their mom alive and celebrate her birthday," said Jennifer Hulett.

Jennifer Hulett has been a big support to Camisha's family since her disappearance.

"I want them to know it's someone out there that has experienced what they have and there is hope you can move on from this," said Hulett.

They hosted a free skating event for the community with food, ice cream, cake and arts and crafts.

"It's a happy feeling, this is what Camisha would want, everyone is happy, the kids have been extremely happy," said Hulett.

Camisha's mother Martha Hollis says it's this type of support keeping her going.

"I'm holding up real good, I got a lot of support and a lot of love and the grandkids are doing good," said Hollis.

"It's amazing I think what everyone is doing is amazing and this is what we need more of," said Hulett.

If you'd like to assist the Hollis family, click here.