Community shows support at Nathan Hale Middle

Posted at 5:12 PM, Dec 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-20 18:12:04-05

It’s been the Omaha Public District's problem child this fall Nathan Hale Magnet Middle School. 

Kids have been behaving badly, showing no respect for authority.

The school has a track record of fights and kids verbally abusing teachers.

 Today, parents could go with their child to school and school administrators believe they're making progress.

Staff and community members say they are creating a better educational experience for students leading by example.

"We can have people come in and show their support as we try to improve the school," said teacher Terrell Matthews.

Nathan Hale Magnet Middle is not letting their past dictate their future.

"This community is adding a little push, it's been very helpful," Matthews said.

Parents and community leaders sat in with students to motivate good behavior.

"It will be a better change if we get more parents involved,” said parent Charles Randle.

Members of 100 Black Men say they are also giving their time by assisting teachers and instilling values into the young adults.

"We've been interacting with the youth and teachers trying to make a difference as far as disciplinary actions, and trying to be an example of how to act," said 100 Black Men James Mason.

The school says they are hiring additional staff to support their enrollment jump and handle the unruly behavior that's plaguing the school.

"This has been a progress long coming and these parents are coming along with us, as teachers have already put in a lot of extra hours,” Matthews said.

Omaha Public School's says they are hiring a new dean, a social worker and several new staff members to come in and work with students.