Commuters worry about refreezing after snow...

Posted at 3:44 PM, Dec 25, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-25 16:44:44-05

More than 12 hours after heavy snow blanketed the area, icy conditions are causing some drivers to re-think their Christmas Eve plans.

The wintery conditions caused headaches for drivers this morning as snow kept coming down causing many accidents.

Throughout the day on Thursday, main roads were plowed and were in pretty good shape but many are starting to worry about refreezing and how slick the roads can be.

Truck driver Mendy McSperitte was supposed to be in Kansas City, but the road conditions have slowed down her plans. "I woke up this morning and the snow was pretty bad so they gave me a load out to Kansas City Missouri and I couldn't take it because of the roads."

McSperitte has been handing out in west Omaha at a truck stop on Christmas Eve.

"There was a semi jackknifed on the exit so I couldn't even get on the highway--so it's been pretty boring," said McSperitte.

Now that the main roads are clear, McSperitte said she's worried about that can come next, a refreeze.

"Saw the temperatures dropping and figured I should just go ahead and stay here," said McSperitte.

The same concerns go for other travelers too.

"I'm really hoping there wont be a re-freeze that will make for a very kind of cruddy Christmas because I have to go back to Seward tomorrow for our family Christmas," said commuter Chevell Myers.

"I'm hoping that crews are able to get out with some salt, so far since the sun's gone down--seems alright so far," said traveler Brad Whitmore.

Some are just wanting to avoid the roads altogether, and just stay in on Christmas.

"It is a tradition to stay in on Christmas with the kids and and that is fine with me, so anybody that wants to come see us you are welcome to come by," said Whitmore.

These travelers are just hoping Mother Nature's Christmas gift are clear roads. For McSperitte, her wish is a trip back home to Oklahoma with her family, "I heard it's warm down there-ha."