Congressman Brad Ashford kicks off...

Posted at 11:20 PM, Feb 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-09 00:20:06-05

Nebraska’s only Democratic congressman wants to return to Washington. Representative Brad Ashford kicked off his re-election campaign Monday night in front of a large crowd.

“We've done some things good, we can do a lot of things better, we've got to be more optimistic,” said Congressman Brad Ashford.

Ashford said he wants to keep working on issues that he feels are important.

“We need to stop over regulating. Nebraskans don't need regulation they need innovation and we need to invest in our exceptionalism,” said Ashford.

But two republicans are chomping at the bit to defeat Ashford after only one term. Both parties are expected to spend big money on the seat in district two.

Current Douglas County Commissioner Chip Maxwell said Ashford isn’t the right guy for the job.

“Who is going to fight for fiscal reform, we need people who are going to dig in--we just can't keep doing business the way we've had year after year,” said Maxwell.

Political newcomer Don Bacon spent 30-years in the Air Force. Bacon said he wants to add a military voice for Nebraskans in Congress.

“I will be the most senior military member in Congress once elected and we have a record number of veterans serving in Congress right now, I understand ISIS, I worked in Israel so I can be a strong voice for our national security,” said Bacon.

The Nebraska Republican primary is May 10, the general election is November 8th.