Constituent pressures Congressman Bacon for answers

Posted at 11:00 PM, Jun 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-16 00:00:35-04

An Omaha man who carries out a demonstration almost daily outside of Congressman Don Bacon’s office in West Omaha is pressuring the congressman for answers.

Scott Williams of Omaha has spent 42 days outside of Bacon’s office in efforts to try and schedule a one-on-one meeting with the congressman to discuss his vote to repeal the healthcare bill, a move Williams says will hurt Nebraskans.

“It all started the day after the congressman cast his vote on May 5th,” said Williams. “I was so frustrated. I got in my car, drove to his office and took a picture of how frustrated I was. This is not what the majority of his constituents want and I wanted to let him know I did not support his decision and that I was frustrated.”

Williams fills out a comment card at Bacon’s office each day. The comments are then logged into a database by Bacon’s staff. He also meets with the local staff to share his concerns.

“On three occasions, over 42 days, I’ve received feedback from the congressman’s office in D.C. - two emails and a written letter in a general response to my comments,” said Williams.

Williams, who has attended all of the five town hall meetings the congressman has hosted in Omaha during the last couple of months, says he appreciates Bacon’s efforts to listen to his constituents but says he still doesn’t agree with Bacon’s vote.

“I feel like he’s hearing us, but not listening,” said Williams. “That’s why I’d like to respectfully meet with him and let him know what many of us are feeling.”

To add pressure on Bacon for a meeting, Williams posts a selfie daily outside of Bacon’s office, with the hashtag, #BringHomeDonBacon.

“As a result of people seeing the selfies, other people have joined me at the Congressman’s office so they can let their voices be heard,” adds Williams. "We'll meet during lunch or before or after work."

On Thursday evening, Bacon held his second tele-town hall. Williams called in but was not able to ask a question due to the high volume of callers.

But Bacon’s staff says they’ve gotten Williams's message.

“We’ve had an honest dialogue with Mr. Williams and done the best that we could to get a response to his questions,” said James Wright, the deputy director for Bacon. “If we don’t have an appropriate answer, we will take the time to follow up find answers to his questions and get a response.”

“I will say that I appreciate how cordial the staff here has been,” said Williams. “They do listen to me and I get to fill out the comment cards but again, I’d like to meet the congressman and I’m available to do it at any time.”


Bacon has hosted five public town halls across the district and has two more scheduled.