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Construction on Platteview Road coming to an end

Posted at 6:20 PM, Aug 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-16 19:20:54-04

Drivers have faced lane closures on Platteview Road between 87th and 120th for weeks.

They are expected to finish the main road Friday and wrap up shoulder work next week.

That stretch runs right by Platteview High School.

School district officials say they took steps to help students and staff begin the new school year safely.

Superintendent Brett Richards says they make safety a priority and once that road is fixed it's going to be even safer for students who drive.

Platteview Road is a traffic headache right now, drivers have to follow a pilot car to safely get down the road.

"You will have to wait a significant amount of time depending on the amount of traffic that is waiting," said Bill Herr.

Bill Herr with Sarpy County Public Works says they are repairing and resurfacing.

"The asphalt surface is deteriorating to the point where it's rough and has a lot of potholes," said Herr.

That construction sits right in front of Platteview High School.

"What they did too was start the construction project a little later in the morning, so our kids can get to and from school without having to be around heavy equipment," said Brett Richards.

Richards says they notified students and parents before school started.

"Our principal has done a nice job at communicating with parents about what's going on, so they can take alternative routes," said Richards.

Richards says the heavy construction has not impacted students.

"Everything is going really smoothly, they are leaving early and getting to school on time, that's a good thing," said Richards.

The repairs will make the road safer for drivers.

"We are taking a lot of bumps and dips out of it, so it will be a smoother roadway," said Richards.

The main construction is expected to be finished Friday.

Repairs on the shoulder may take another week.

"If everything holds, no rain and we get perfect weather, it should be another week," said Herr.