Costco will continue to look for chicken...

Posted at 4:11 PM, Apr 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-20 01:20:09-04
Costco and Lincoln Premium Poultry announced Tuesday that they will continue to look for a chicken processing plant in the Fremont area.
However, the site originally proposed in the Nickerson area will no longer be considered. "Costco and Lincoln Premium Poultry management teams have consistently maintained that the ultimate right solution for Project Rawhide will be a positive for all involved," said Cecilia Harry, Executive Director of the Greater Fremont Development Council.  "In consideration of the decision rendered by Nickerson's Village Board on April 4, 2016, Costco and Lincoln Premium Poultry representatives informed us today they have eliminated from consideration the proposed site near Nickerson."  
In a statement, Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Ron Tillery says "It's disappointing to hear that the Village of Nickerson won't receive the direct benefits of the project, but I'm excited to hear that other options in the Greater Fremont Area are still being considered,"
The statement adds: The project will continue to evaluate multiple sites in the region and will work with appropriate community leaders to determine whether or not the Greater Fremont Area is an ultimate positive fit for Lincoln Premium Poultry and Costco's poultry complex.