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Council Bluffs could get medical marijuana dispensary

Posted at 5:28 PM, Mar 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-12 18:44:36-04

Council Bluffs could be one of the first cities in Iowa to get a medical marijuana dispensary. 

It comes after Iowa legislators passed a bill to make it legal in the state only for certain medical ailments such as cancer, seizures and chronic pain to name a few. 

Councilman Roger Sandau proposed a resolution to lure a dispensary to Council Bluffs, "There's no guarantee Council Bluffs gets one, whether this resolution was on the table or not".

Sandau tells 3 News Now state-wide 7 medical marijuana companies have applied for 21 different locations, 3 of which are in Council Bluffs. 

Mayor Matt Walsh is also in support of this resolution, "It makes some sense that if it's legal in Iowa, to have a facility close by that people could get their supplies from."

The resolution garners support from many residents too, "If they need it, there's probably a good medical reason why they need it," said Hannah Willie.

However opponents have long argued about the drugs slipping into the wrong hands, "It's definitely a concern, I know it's a concern with some city staff it's a concern with the police department a little bit so we're definitely going to take into account all the information we can," said Sandau. 

The state will make the decision on where the dispensaries will be located. The licenses will be handed out on April 1st. 

According to the law, the dispensaries will have to be supplied with the product by December 1st.