Council Bluffs drivers slow down in Tuesday snow

Posted at 5:21 PM, Jan 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-19 19:44:30-05

Drivers in Council Bluffs were slowed down after several inches of snow fell on Tuesday.

Some people braved the streets and ran to the grocery store.

Venus Hatcher said they took their truck to make the drive easier, “some of the plows hadn't got to the mains streets the side streets are not a very good idea, but the main streets aren't too bad, Broadway is pretty good.”

“We just got out here to make sure people were safe coming in and out and then clean them up better at night,” said Dan Claar.

The city said they had 20 trucks working on the roads since the early morning and focused on the emergency routes, hills, and bus routes. They said they will move to the residential streets on Tuesday evening.

Jams Walker was clearing his side walk, and said the cold air was getting to him, “it’s really cold, its goes right through you.”

By noon the main streets were drivers were able to get around on the main streets just fine. 

“iI’s not the first snow, that's the worst snow, because people are learning how to drive again but it’s not that bad if you take your time and pretty much everyone has,” said Hatcher.