Council Bluffs schools deal with budget concerns

Posted at 6:24 PM, Mar 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-23 19:24:50-04

Iowa Lawmakers just reached a compromise on education spending, but it won’t give school districts as much as they wanted.

On Tuesday the Iowa legislature said that the Council Bluffs Community School District would get a 2.25% increase from state funding. 

“That is not enough we think we need 4% in order to do what we are doing without cuts,” said Superintendent Dr. Martha Bruckner.

She said the news from the legislatures is disappointing and may force them to cut four to six million dollars in the next two years.

“We are trying very hard not to panic; we don't say those numbers out load too much,” said Bruckner.

The district is trying to plan for budget cuts without cutting any jobs or programs.

“Staff members don't have to worry, we are not going to say in April you don't have a job next year, however, we may say we don't fill certain positions,” said Bruckner. Teachers are also not guaranteed for the following year. 

She said they are also taking a close look at adjusting school start times for all levels of education. They would look at several options for start times, but the early estimate would save them $200,000 a year.

She said they will have to work out any and all options with their bussing company to see if this is the right choice and then spend time with everyone in the district to find the best decision. But it would help them use fewer buses everyday and cut down the cost. 

“That is going to cause some discontent, some discomfort for our families, we understand that,” said Bruckner.

While other duties will be looked at as well, Bruckner said ultimately if the state won't give them the funding they need, more important things will start to be threatened, “if 2 to 2.25 is the going rate, we absolutely will have to cut in the millions of dollars.”