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Council considers three-day firework window

Posted at 4:08 PM, Sep 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-04 17:08:02-04

The Omaha City Council was initially looking at cutting the Fourth of July firework season in half but after hearing from the public, the council is now considering a new proposal that would give Omaha residents just three days to shoot off fireworks. 

Residents would no longer be able to shoot off fireworks in June, instead they'd be restricted to just July 2nd through the 4th. Fireworks on the New Year's Eve would also be restricted to just one day.

Folks in the Old Market today were open to the changes, including one woman, who wants to see the city go farther. 

"Because we have a lot of veterans with PTSD, where the noises are very agitating. Two, scares pets. Three, fire hazards, there were so many dumpster fires this year that it was just beyond ridiculous, so in my opinion one day," says Melanie Prentice, Omaha resident.

Mayor Jean Stothert has jumped on board as well, saying she's in favor of a three-day season and says the council is listening to its citizens including Kristy Hromas. 

"I think three days would be a better idea, ten days seems kind of long, there's more chances for injuries to children and adults," says Hromas. 

If the council passes the entire proposal, the number of vendors would be cut from 50 to 40, with their selling window down from 11 to seven days. 

The council is expected to vote on the changes on September 25th, and Terry O'Shaughnessy hopes they pass. 

"It was three weeks to four weeks, it was every night until about two in the morning. So if they were reasonable in ten days it'd probably be okay, but they give them three days that means it'll go for a week in the half," says Omaha resident, Terry O’Shaughnessy.  

While council-member Rich Pahls pushed the ordinance changes through the law committee it’s unclear what the rest of the seven-member council will do on the proposed three day window.