Couple chasing car title from crooked dealership

Posted at 6:25 PM, Oct 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-20 19:32:52-04

Buying a car and never being able to drive it is not what Shawn and Rachel Woodring pictured after getting their new ride.

"The car is sitting there and everyone is at a stalemate."

The Woodring’s say they have done just about everything to get the title and nothing is panning out.

"It’s just not any protection for us, it's just too many loopholes where this can happen to us, because you are leaving with the car but not your title."

They had no clue Siemer Auto in Fremont was doing bad business.

"He was having trouble getting the title from a bank in Kansas and he said he would be in contact with us as soon as he got it."

Well Jason Siemer never got that tile and shortly after went out of business.

"Loans were not paid off but yet he took in the money for every car that was sold.”

The Woodring’s reached out to the attorney general who referred them to The Nebraska Licensing Board, they thought they were getting somewhere until they got this.

"Our records reflect that we previously processed a separate complaint with our office and exhausted all avenues available to us in attempt to secure the title to your vehicle."

Now out of options the couple is asking the state to do more to protect consumers.

"At what point does the state put him in front of people and say you sold stolen property that’s what it comes down to."

They couple says they are working with the bank who has a lien on the car hoping to pay them off and finally get the title.
The Nebraska Licensing Board is asking everyone impacted by this situation to contact Jason Siemer's attorney.