Couple facing new challenge after losing home

Posted at 6:20 PM, Dec 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-29 19:20:26-05

A couple who just lost nearly everything to a fire now faces more adversity. 

After the wife traded in her old car at a dealership months ago the dealer suddenly shut down without paying off her previous loan.

Money is still being drafted out of Giselle Giroux's account for a car she no longer owns.

After reaching out Siemer Auto in Fremont all that's left is a voice message saying they are permanently closed but will call customers back.

"You have reached Siemer Auto Center thank you for a great ten years we are no longer in business but please leave a message and we will be returning phone calls."

"I want some good days.”

Giselle Giroux and her husband are currently living in a trailer as they rebuild their home they lost to a fire just before Christmas.

They now face a new issue.

"Why are payments still being taken out? Well what do you mean? Well I don't own the vehicle anymore, well geez you should probably call the dealership and get that straightened out."

Giroux says she traded in her old jeep to Siemer Auto for this new car three onths ago and the dealer was supposed to pay off her old loan.

"So I called them and they said oh really we'll get that paid off right away."

When she noticed money continued to be drawn from her account she took matters into her own hands.

"I took a drive up to Fremont and literally every ounce, everything was cleanout out there was no sign of it ever being a dealership."

"I went into panic mode."

Giroux says Siemer Auto eventually called her back and promised her payments with her old car would be taken care of.

"I'm like I've heard that three times."

After reporting it to police she was told it's a civil case and she would have to file a claim.

"It honestly sounded like it just got missed, which never really happens they just don’t miss that."

So Giroux says now all she can do it wait as her and her husband rebuild their home and try to dispute matters with Siemer Auto.

"I ran out of tears so we just have to get on with it."

Giroux says there are 85 similar cases involving Siemer Auto.

The closed dealership is also being sued by an Omaha bank for more than $950 thousand dollars that they owe.