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Is the Omaha blogger market starting to take shape? Some see the opportunity

Couple work to make 'Walking Tourists' a web hit
Posted at 4:42 PM, Mar 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-05 17:58:46-05

Lisa Trudell works away — but after hours, or on lunch. Her side hustle has her and her husband, Tim, snapping photos, moving around this new restaurant in the Blackstone district like tourists.

Which is appropriate because the pair runs a business called "The Walking Tourists"

"There's a lot of things happening and that's what we want to share with them that Omaha is an exciting place to be.”

“Yeah, that's part of the fun when somebody tells you I didn't know that was in Omaha," Tim and Lisa Trudesl said.

Since Sept. 2011, the couple’s blog, which highlights spots to check out around Omaha — or when they vacation — has averaged more than 6,000 visitors a week. Add that with another 3,000+ Facebook fans and 7,000 Instagram followers, and that's what leads them to places like here.

They're by no means the only ones. From niches like Harley Davidson motorcyles to shopping and fashion tips on a budget.

Now, the Omaha blogger business is starting to boom where both sides can partner in a new age of advertising.

"I would say in the last 3 or 4 years the shift has really turned where bloggers are making an income and turning this into an actual career," said Carolyn Sutton, who runs her own PR firm.

She works with bloggers on both coasts and says the Omaha market is just starting to take shape.

"We like to follow people that are aspirational or inspirational. Somebody that is like our friend,” she said. “We want to eat where she is eating because she always eats at the greatest places. Or we want to shop where she does because she always looks fabulous.

“So you connect on more of a natural level, whether its Instagram posts or stories. I mean you're really connecting with these bloggers."

If you want to become a blogger, the pro tips are: find a niche that you really love, and be ready to write, take photos, and work hard.

The Walking Tourists say they would love to eventually make the blog their full-time income stream. They have a book coming out this April that they hope will add to their business.