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Creighton fans excited about NCAA tournament

Posted at 10:21 PM, Mar 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-11 23:21:21-04


Creighton knows its fate for the big NCAA tournament.

"In the regular season they did really well and that kind of helps them get a good seating in the tournament," said JD Wessel.

Creighton is the eight seed in the south regional bracket, now hitting the road for their first game Friday in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"Can't wait to cheer on Creighton and get past  the first round unlike last year," said Carter Wells.

"I've definitely been keeping up with them as much as I can," said Wessel.

For some fans, they say that ranking was already expected.

"They had a pretty good season," said Carson Schwarts.

"The highlight of the season was the Villanova win, which was crazy to watch, we have had ups and downs injuries and stuff," said Wells.

The Nebraska Men's Basketball team was left out of the tournament..

Instead the Huskers will travel to Mississippi state for a first round NIT game. 

"I don't think they deserve it this year," said Schwartz.

"They are going to be looking on the outside this year, they are not making the tournament, not a chance," said Wessel.

Bluejay fans are now looking to the future, optimistic the Bluejays  will win. 

"What would match up to be the one seed in the tournament, it would be tough for them but I certainly would like the Bluejays to have an upset bid," said Wessel.

"Win two games in March Madness, and I think that will be really good to be a top 16 team in the nation," said Wells.