Creighton student killed in morning accident

Posted at 10:17 PM, Aug 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-21 23:17:15-04

19-year-old student Joan Yambing died Monday after a chain reaction crash on i-80 westbound near 84th street. 

Three other students were badly injured when a semi, slammed into their Toyota Prius. 

Monday students gathered at St John’s Catholic Church at Creighton University to have a vigil of prayer for Yambing and the three others who are in the hospital.

The Creighton University campus is coming together to pray for the students injured in Monday morning’s car accident.

"I didn't know them personally but it's just as a community we all come together over these tragic things and it speaks volumes of the way Creighton comes together."

Emotions filled the church as students cried and hugged each other praying for the recovery of their schoolmates.

"The Creighton Community is such a close knit community and we just want everyone to be ok at all times."

Molly Antonsen says she wasn't close to the students injured but has seen them in passing.

"I had known their names on campus, they weren't my best friends, but everyone at Creighton is so close because it is such a small school."

Creighton University’s president released a statement shortly after the tragic event saying.

"It is with deepest sorrow that we learned this afternoon that several Creighton students were involved in a serious car accident. I ask that we all join together in prayer for the students, their families and their classmates."

Whether they knew each other or not, students say grieving together is just what the Creighton Community does whenever tragedy hits.


"They are a member of our community and if one person hurts we all hurt."

Although three Creighton students are in the hospital Omaha police say there injuries are not believed to be life threatening at this time.