Creighton University students protest campus policy

Posted at 6:19 PM, Feb 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-17 19:19:10-05

A woman's blog, claiming a Creighton student sexually assaulted her on Election Night is leading to more action on campus. 

Multiple students say their Sexual and Relationship Misconduct Policy is unclear, and a number of mishandled cases is the reason they are protesting.

“We wanted to ask the university to amend its sexual assault policy, specifically its definition of consent.”

Students say a female resident advisor was sexually assaulted by a male resident advisor, and the male was let down easy.

“When she went to the school the school handled it by saying the guy who assaulted her was not guilty because she shutdown and didn't say or do anything.”

 “She was experiencing shock and the school considered that as consent.” 

Now students say they are protesting to bring more attention to the issue.

“If we have a more firm consent policy then I think it will change things for the better in how we deal with sexual assault.”

Some students say the way the university has handled other sexual assault cases may make some victims afraid to come forward.

So students say they will stand together.

Ultimately students are for students, and that's why we are here today.”

The university president has announced the formation of a panel to examine how the school responds to such claims.