Crews work to prevent re-freeze overnight

Posted at 10:49 PM, Jan 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-16 23:49:58-05

City workers and the Nebraska Department of Roads will work into Tuesday to try and keep the streets from re-freezing.

Mayor Jean Stothert had called for "all hands on deck" for the ice storm, and crews were working around the clock to brine and salt the roads.

“The roads were pretty much fine, but last night it was iced over,” said Justin Hallberg after he drove from Benson to downtown Omaha Monday afternoon. 

Monday evening the ice had started to melt off the trees and the streets were just wet.

Stothert said they had hundreds of trucks out on the streets, between their city plows and their 23 contractors. 

“The plan is to keep the secondary and the majors as clear as we possibly can with repeat passes with our trucks, to re-salt as many times as we have to,” said Stothert.

Beno Babinszki said he had no trouble on the roads late into the evening, “I have four wheel drive, I didn't find the roads slippery at all and I tried my breaks even on the side streets and I was fine.”

NDOR said they will be out on the highways and interstate to watch for any refreezing as well.

“They are out for the evening and they will be out all night and the interstate will be good from the morning commute,” said Jim Laughlin, Highway Maintenance Superintendent.

Both city and state will stay according to plan to make sure everyone has a safe commute Tuesday. 

“It will be very slick in the morning so we will still concentrate on the areas we have been concentrating on including the residential,” said Stothert. 

“That is a normal process, so again people need to be careful and leave distance following and be careful and if you don't have to be out there don't be out there,” said Babinzski.