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Customers hoping to get last taste of Gerda's German bakery

Posted at 6:21 PM, Jun 12, 2019

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — One of Omaha's favorite bakers made the difficult choice to close.

Located on Leavenworth Street, Gerda's German bakery and restaurant has been trying to keep up with customers looking to grab one last bite. The business announced it is closing June 22 through Facebook.

Phones are still ringing off the hook as Kim Reefe and her family prepare for the last few days of business, which was opened in the 1970s by her mother, Gerda Bailey.

"I grew up washing dishes delivering wedding cakes here," Reefe said. "This bakery was our home."

The bakery's hours of operation have been scaled back, and so have the number of goods on the shelves. Customers from hours away were lucky to get what pastries were left Wednesday afternoon.

"The bakery doesn't just take it out of a box and put frosting on it," Sherry Gidley of Ord, Nebraska said.

"In our area, bakeries have closed," Tom Gidley said. "It's sad to see."

Other customers who came by looking to buy some treats weren't as lucky. David Kuiper lives near the shop and was hoping to buy some of the available sweets.

"The places that make Omaha unique like Gerda's, it's upsetting to see them go."

Inside, employees are cooking up recipes that will be available when the business is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the next two weeks. It was a hard decision for kim and the family to close the bakery and restaurant due to the cost of needed inspections and repairs.

"If my mom was here, she would fight us all the way," Reefe said.

Ever since Reefe announced Gerda's would close, she knows her mother would have been proud of all the love and support shown by customers.

"It's bittersweet because they love this place and care about it," Reefe said. "My mom would be so happy that people cared enough to come back."

As for what's next, Gerda's is considering putting together a recipe book for customers, but for now, the focus is on the last few days for those who are hungry for more.

Omaha city council member Aimee Melton wants to commemorate Gerda's with its own day. Melton says Gerda's is a staple to Omaha.

Reefe hopes the restaurant and bakery can put together a final Oktoberfest this fall.