CWS means big money for Airbnb and ride sharing

Omahans are cashing in on out-of-state visitors
Posted at 5:48 PM, Jun 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-14 18:55:42-04

Preparations are underway in north downtown Omaha for the annual invasion of college baseball fans but the teams aren't the only ones hoping to hit it big, many are hoping to cash in on the College World Series thanks to new types of business in recent years; Airbnb, and ride-sharing apps.

“I'm looking forward to that opportunity to being on the road all the time and moving,” said Lyft driver Joy Marshall who has only been driving for a couple of months excited for the extra cash and faces the CWS will bring, “I will probably work more of the daytime, early evenings shift as opposed as the real late night stuff.”

Another driver, Matt Whipkey drove people around last year and knows how it will be, “As a rider, it's a lot of short trips, it's a lot of taking people from the Slowdown to like to Billy Frogs.”

While making more money this weekend as demand for these services surges as many visitors will not have vehicles.  

“Like 25-thousand dollars in 3 days, no I’m joking, I don't know-it's hard to say-it equates to a decent hourly wage you get out what you put in,” said Whipkey.

But it's not just drivers cashing in, it's people who live in downtown Omaha renting their places out on Airbnb.

“I get a booking within one or two days and it was super quick,” said Eric Sinovic who lives near the Old Market and walking distrance from where all the action will be, “it's right in the middle of everything, it's a close walk to everything and so it didn't go into the decision that's really going to be a benefit.”

Sinovic is renting his place out for $195 a night with at least 6 days sold out already, that equals big money.

“I'm looking right now at making around a thousand but the college world series goes on for a little while so more time,” said Sinovic.