Day 2 of Matt Damon film shoot in Omaha

Posted at 5:20 PM, Apr 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-12 18:20:47-04

Omaha is a buzz with Hollywood excitement. Filming started Monday for Alexander Payne’s new movie “Downsizing,” and his leading actor Matt Damon has been spotted in several places around Omaha.

Monday’s filming was at a house near 48th and Douglas, where neighbors were able to watch the process.

“Oh it’s exciting, it’s exciting, people that have never talked to us are coming up and talking to us like we are some kind of stars or something you know,” said Maggie Creasman, who lives right behind the home where the film is being shot.

In fact, her house was a contender for the movie’s location.

She said the best part of all this is seeing the celebrities that come with shooting movies, “I am so excited, because I do like Matt Damon.”

After hours of filming Monday night, Matt Damon spoke with KMTV about being in the Omaha. He said he loves it when people come up and want to talk to him.

“I have a job because people go to the movies, I am always really grateful when I see anyone who sees the stuff that I am in,” said Damon.

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Damon even mention stopping at a local restaurant for lunch, Zios Pizza.

“So essentially it was a normal day at lunch we had our normal rush, then all of a sudden Matt Damon is just here with his crew and it’s like whoa, that’s kind of odd, but he got a medium meat lovers, it’s called a New York King, and he also had to get a beer, of course why not live it up while you are in the city, he got a Goose Island EPA,” said Zio’s worker Blake Higginbotham.

Zio's said they were all pretty excited to have such a huge celebrity stop by and try their pizza, “as you can see he loved it, I am glad to hear that.”

Tuesday crews filmed exteriors of La Casa Pizzaria, on Wednesday the filing will continue at Creighton Prep, and then finish on Thursday back at the house on Douglas.