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Deadline expiring for removing political signs from public right-of-ways

Posted at 10:28 PM, Nov 13, 2018

The election finally ended one week ago Tuesday - but in some Omaha neighborhoods, political signs are still blowing in the breeze, flapping on street corners and lying in the streets.

Typically, Omaha city code doesn't allow signage on public property but there are some exceptions. Political signs are permitted two months leading up to the election and seven days after an election.

"There have been quite a few signs up but it doesn't necessarily bother me a ton," said Matthew Karges. "I actually saw one today - discarded as trash in a parking lot."

Omaha city code says political signs must be removed within a seven-day window following an election. Signs left up after that period are garbage.

Omaha Public Works says the person who places the sign is responsible for cleaning it up. 

Typically - signs can be placed anywhere on private property, but the public's land can't be used for advertising, whether it's political or otherwise. This includes rights-of-ways.

There is an exception, which is two months prior to an election and one week after the election. Omaha public works crews will remove any signs that are illegally placed in the right-of-way. i

In the last week - Omaha Public Works has received one complaint about political signs placed in the right of way. 

"They are still everywhere. No one is pulling them out of their yard. They are putting up Christmas lights early but they are not taking out the political signs," said Mike Allen. "It's ridiculous."

Omaha Public works will bring collected political signs to dispose of at three locations in the city: 

  • 5225 Dayton
  • 8750 Vernon Avenue
  • 96th and F streets