Deaf, blind Great Dane receives forever home

Posted at 4:14 PM, Mar 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-05 17:25:29-05

A happy update to a story we first brought you last month! 

A family in St. Louis adopted Cleo this weekend - one of the deaf and blind Great Danes in need of a forever home. 

Skye is still up for adoption. You can learn more by clicking here

Original Story: Two dogs are overcoming obstacles and are looking for forever homes.

Cleo and Skye are two Great Danes, they are deaf and blind, and up for adoption.

Big Dogs Huge Paws will rescue dogs that are on the larger size, and they hope to find families for Cleo and Skye.

Their current foster mom, Alicia Nielsen, said the girls being deaf and blind doesn’t stop them from doing much.

“They know various commands from me touching certain parts of their body, so I will tap on their head and they know that means sit, tap under the chin they know to lay down,” she said, “So everything a normal dog can learn, they can learn just in a different way.”

Of course Cleo and Skye each come with their own personality.

“Cleo is a very friendly girl; you can walk right up to Cleo and be her best friend,” said Nielsen, “Skye, she is very friendly, she just might take minute, and we always say with Skye you earn her love.”  

The girls don't have to be adopted together, they just each need a home with lots of love.

“Their main criteria for a home is a couch, if you have a couch they are set," said Nielsen."