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Decorations, mailboxes damaged in Northwest Omaha

Posted at 10:18 PM, Dec 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-19 11:11:30-05

This past weekend, people in Northwest Omaha woke up to decorations destroyed and mailboxes smashed. 

Neighborhoods shared posts about the damage on social media in an attempt to catch the vandals. 

The damage ranged from 138th to 161st and Maple and went as far north as Ida, leaving multiple neighborhoods with damage. 

Dan Coonce woke up to find his mailbox sitting in the middle of the road, he assumed it was hit with a baseball bat. 

“I’d say I got lucky with mine,“ he said.

Lucky, because some had it worse. Some houses had their inflatable Christmas decorations slashed, one house losing $400 worth of decorations. 

Debbie Rasmussen also had her mailbox damaged; she said this is the sixth time hers has been hit. 

“It is past the line — it is out of control right now,” she said. 

Rasmussen said she saw a kid in a hoodie and shorts running from her house and hop into a black car. Other neighbors also described a black four-door car with a hatch, some even shared security photos and video. 

With all the vandalism over the weekend, Curtiss and Lisa Driver wanted to try and help their neighbors. They own Lion's Automotive Upholstery and want to offer free repairs to any damaged inflatables from this past weekend.

“If it fits under our sewing machine, we certainly want to help,” Lisa said. “We are certainly willing to do whatever surgery is necessary and try it out."

Several reports have been made to law enforcement, and everyone is hopeful the people behind the vandalism will be caught.