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Democrats Brad Ashford and Kara Eastman have first primary debate

Posted at 1:35 PM, Apr 19, 2018

Democrats Brad Ashford and Kara Eastman had their first debate Thursday afternoon as they vie for the Democratic nomination in Nebraska's 2nd congressional district. 

The debate was hosted by the League of Women Voters and covered a wide array of topics including Syria, gun control, healthcare, DACA, the environment, minimum wage and trade. 

Each of them trying to get your vote. Ashford touted his experience in politics. 

"I'm a legislator, that's what I like to do, I like to find solutions, I don't like partisan bickering," said Ashford. 

However Eastman said the second congressional district needs a fresh perspective, "People are looking for somebody who is going to be a champion and somebody who is going to represent their values."

While they both agreed on many of the issues, there was a few topics they split from each other. 

On the topic of gun control, both Ashford and Eastman support some type of restrictions.

"Background checks are supported by Republicans 83-percent support them. We need mandatory waiting periods," said Eastman/

"I support the 21 age limit, I also support congress to act in a transparent way by enacting legislation to create a congressional commission to investigate violence," said Ashford. 

On DACA, both said Congress needs to take action. 

"We have to pass a clean DREAM Act and we need to do it now. It's not fair to keep imbedding DACA restrictions into bigger bills," said Eastman. 
"The DREAMERS have been manipulated by the political system this issues cries out for bringing people together," said Ashford. 

The candidated differ a bit on whether to provide universal healthcare. 

"It is something we can afford, it is the right thing to do and in the wealthiest country in the nation, the fact that we have neglected to provide healthcare to everybody is one of the biggest travesties," said Eastman. 
"What we need to do is something in the center that will provide affordability and choice," said Ashford. 

The primary is May 15 and the general election is Nov. 6. The seat is currently held by Republican Don Bacon.