New sex-ed curriculum to be taught next fall

Posted at 5:23 PM, May 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-17 18:23:53-04

Starting next fall, Omaha Public School children will be taught the new human growth and development curriculum, also known as sex education.

In a Board of Education meeting Monday night, the public had their last chance to give their opinion on the new subject matter.

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More than 30 people signed up to speak in a one hour public comment forum. Those for and against the new sex-ed curriculum spoke to the board.

“You have taken painstakingly long and appropriate steps to try and get input, but at the end of the day 93% of OPS parents said there is a need for the update,” said Chris Rodgers.

“You are setting up these kids to get raped, change their sex; you are going to have to understand that you will have to answer to god for everything you are doing here today,” said Gwen Easter.

Only 17 people got to speak before the hour ran out. The board voted to not extend the public comment and voted 7-0 to approve the new sex-ed materials. 

OPS said "The board of education voted not to extend public comment period yesterday evening, citing the numerous hours of hearing public comment at all previous meetings related to the HGD update."

There was also concern that the order of the speakers was put in favor of those opposed, and someone had moved members of the Nebraskans for Founders Values to the front.

“I think some of our teammates were confused when they came in and filled our forms out because there wasn't anybody at the desk, there was nobody at the OPS at the desk,” said NFFV member Maris Bentley.

“We know the rules of the game, the rules are you get here early, you get a pink sheet, you fill it out, and you go give it to the person who is in charge, we followed the rules,” said NFFV executive director Mark Bonkiewicz.

OPS said they encourage people to make sure their comment slip gets to an OPS employee before every board meeting.

Teachers and Nurses will start training this summer to use the new curriculum in the fall.

The district said parents do have the option to opt their kids out of the Human Growth and Development classes.