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Detour stopping shrine visitors

Posted: 6:12 PM, Nov 10, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-11 00:12:24Z
Detour stopping shrine visitors
Detour stopping shrine visitors

Getting to this holy place to find peace and be with God has become a frustrating drive for visitors.

"I don't think they understand the severity of how many people was coming across that way,” said Deacon David Christensen.

Deacon David Christensen says the inconvenient detour is causing issues for the shrine.

"If we have one of our guests that had a heart episode, and we needed immediate attention, we think the added time would be detrimental," said Deacon Christensen.

Pflug road was closed this summer; these large cracks are dangerous for drivers.

"It has cracks that are three feet wide.

Christensen says the detour isn’t safe either.

"With the event of snow coming, what it will do with the roads, we may have a difficult time for people to come and pray," said Deacon Christensen.

After mixed messages about construction the shrine met with the county.
"They told us they are very much interested in the shrine and the history it brings, they explained that they want to be able to get the road done," said Deacon Christensen.

It's an estimated million dollar project the county says won’t happen overnight.

"I’d like to look at some possible solutions in the meantime to be able to maybe put a detour around the south side," said Jim Warren.
"It will cut out a mile and a half of the distance to get here," Said Warren.

Christensen says he's at least hoping for a new detour by December.

"We are very much encouraged that attention is being given to it now," said Deacon Christensen.